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Initially, we decided that we were not going to produce a shirt because we did not want to bother Coach Williams this week. However, many of our customers (and ourselves) would like a tee that honors his amazing career. We have collaborated on special tees many times to raise money for the causes he supports. In that spirit, we have created this simple design to honor Coach with ALL profits going to the charity of his choice, to be determined at a later date. Chapel Hill Sportswear is privileged to call Coach and Wanda friends.

A tee shirt is no where near enough to celebrate all that Coach has accomplished and even less so to show how much he means to us. It simply states Play Hard Play Smart Play Together over a big THANKS COACH You did MORE than Okay with 33 years 903 wins and balls that include the years 05 and 09 and 17. If you don't get the "You did more than okay" statement watch his press conference.