Want 10% off?

Want an easy 10% off your next order?


I am sure that there are plenty of typos on this site.  I have done a lot of recreating and writing descriptions etc., in a short time.  I know there are times that I am not giving enough attention to the task.  I have a degree from UNC, I don’t want customers laughing at my mistakes and holding that against Chapel Hill Sportswear (Chemistry not English).  Here is the deal – if you are the first to point out a typo on the site, I will send you a code worth 10% off of your next order.  You can probably find a bunch and have lots of 10% codes waiting for your next order enough to last all year.  There is a but though – you can’t count just so-so bad grammar.  Since we are trying for Search Engine Optimization the wording can sometimes be clumsy and incorrect.  Commas create a special problem since most files are transferred as comma separated text documents, so misuse of commas doesn’t count either.  Since I can't use commas, I make judicious use of hyphens.  This probably drives some of you crazy, but still does not get you 10% off.  Double quotes versus single quotes – same thing – doesn’t count for 10% off.   Old circle R's after company names have transformed into double quote type things - pointing this out does not count either.

To get 10% off your next order email orders@chapelhillsportswear.com and point out the error.  I will reply with a code for the discount.  

Thanks for your help.